Daesan Creative Writing Funds


Grants from the Daesan Creative Writing Funds are designed to help develop a wide range of creative writing genres and to strengthen Korean literature by discovering and fostering new literary talents. Eligible candidates are writers who have been active for less than 10 years in each of the five categories: poetry, fiction, drama, criticism, and children’s literature.
In 2013, a total of 374 works were submitted, and the judging panel comprised of two or three prominent writers evaluated the submissions in each category. As a result, nine winners were selected in five categories including Kim San of Pit-a-Pat Orange.
Each winner was awarded 10 million KRW (90 million KRW in total prize money), and the writers retain all rights including copyrights to their respective works. The winning authors are obligated to use their prize money to publish and present their winning works within a year. The award ceremony was held on August 23 in the Convention Hall on the 23rd Floor of the Kyobo Building. In order to broaden support for the winners, the Foundation intends to increase funding gradually and to publish award winning works in a series format. In 2013, nine books that had received funding were published which are: three books of poems, two novels, one drama, one work of literary criticism, and two children’s books.