Seoul International Forum for Literature


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The Seoul International Forum for Literature, a virtual "cultural Olympics," held in Korea is an opportunity for active exchange between world and Korean literature, aiming to open the lines of literary communication that transcend country and race. The first Seoul International Forum for Literature was held in 2000; with Wole Soyinka and Pierre Bourdieu in attendance, renowned scholars and writers from across the world came together under the theme "Writing across Boundaries." The second 2005 Seoul International Forum for Literature brought together a great number of famed writers including Oe Kenzaburo, Le Clezio, Orhan Pamuk, and Robert Hass among others under the theme "Writing for Peace." The third forum, “The Globalizing World and the Human Community” opened in 2011. Le Clezio, Andrew Motion, Antoine Compagnon, Ben Okri, Gao xing jian participated in this forum.