Daesan Creative Writing Funds


Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Author Title of work(s)
Poetry KIM Un
YANG Sun-ju
People on lip
The lock
Fiction KANG Young-Sook
KIM Soom
Brown tear-drops
The guests
Drama Baek Ha-Ryong Enemy property house
Criticism PARK Soo-Yeon Beyond criticism of split and reconciliation
Children's Literature OH Jin-Won
YU Mi-Hee
The Present
Grants from the Daesan Creative Writing Fund are designed to help develop the range of creative writing and strengthen Korean literature by discovering and fostering talented new writers. Grants are given to writers who have been active for less than 10 years in each of the five categories of poetry, fiction, drama, critical writing, and children’s literature; their works are collected and the beneficiaries chosen. Each selected writer receives a grant of 10 million Won, and award-winning works are publicized on publication.

In 2006, 367 works were proposed and evaluation in each category was undertaken by a committee of 2-3 prominent writers. As a result, a total of 8 writers received awards in the 5 categories, representing a total of 80 million. While copyright and all other rights remain entirely the property of the authors, the winning authors should publish the award-winning work within the year. Certificates of support for the award-winning works were presented in a ceremony in the Auditorium on the 10th floor of the Kyobo Building on August 24.