Daesan Creative Writing Funds


Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Writers (Works)
Poetry Yoon Jung-Koo "Green Fields in the Snow"
Ham Sung-Ho "Saint Tazmahal"
Jung Sook-Ja "Like Moonlit Nights in Chongup Temple"
Lee Yun-Hak "Poplars that Weep for Me"
Hong Sung-Lan "The Special Tune of Hwang Ji Nee"
Fiction Lee Sang-Woon "Fiction Club"
Han Chang-Hoon "Seeing a Flying Bird"
Kim Hyun-Soon "The Land of Invisible People"
Drama Kim Bong-Hee "Going Upstairs Before Night"
Criticism Shin Chul-Ha "Literature and Distopia"
Yang Jin-O "The Theory of Korean Novel"
Children's Literature Kim Hyang-Yi "The Celestial Pond on the
Min Hyun-Sook "The Star Turning a Hula hoop Gray-headed Mountain"