Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchanges(Mizy)


Introduction of Business
2014 marked the third year the Daesan Foundation has been commissioned with operating the Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchanges, also known as the Mizy Center. The foundation began operating the center in 2012 as part of its efforts to cultivate youth. The foundation and the center develop and carry out programs related to youth humanities and global citizenship in order to cultivate young global citizens with knowledge of the humanities and the wisdom of coexistence.
Having put together a plan for innovating its management for sustainable development, the Mizy Center reorganized its core programs into an international exchange and cooperation program, global citizenship development program and international youth volunteering program and developed major projects for each program. In particular, through programs conducted jointly with the Daesan Foundation such as the “Humanities Policy Forum,” “Mizy Global Citizenship School,” “Humanities on the Road for the Youth” and “Shoes for Hope,” global education programs that used humanities tools, the center worked to impart on youth a desirable character, basic knowledge and the value of coexistence.