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Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Writers (Works)
Poetry Lim Chan-Il "I have one more thing to say"
Kwon Kap-Ha "Yolmoko"
Jung I-Rang " In the Sesame Flower"
Jang Dae-Song "I went to ancient Nokchon"
Lee Jung-Rok "Sprouting in Your Bosom"
Fiction Min Kyong-Hyun "Making with Flower"
Shin Jang-Hyun "Travel in Paekjung"
Kim Sang-Young "Hope"
Drama Kim Hyun-Muk "How Bright A Rising Moon, Odongchu!"
Jang Sung-Hee "The Song of This Troubled World"
Criticism Lee Kyung-Ho "Vertigo of Literature"
Shin Su-Jung "Literature of Boundaries"
Jung Keut-Byul " One Thousand Tongues"
Children's Literature Lee Hye-Young "Excited Naughty Boys"
Jung Im-Jo "The Fragrance Hung in The Lowest Place"
So Min-Ho "The Secret of Brothers Island"