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Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Writers (Works)
Poetry Kim Myung-In "Playing with a Blue Puppy"
Lee Jin-Myung "Counting the Days to Home"
Youn Jong-Dae "The Salt longs to go to the sea"
Chang Sok-Nam "Now when I hardly miss anybody"
Fiction Choi Chang-Jung "A Sketch of a Toast"
Yu Young-Kab "Those Gone to That Forest"
Lim Dong-Heon "Breathing Love"
Drama Lee Kang-Baek "Collected Plays of Lee Kang-Baek 5"
Choi Hyun-Mook "Gikkdago"
Criticism Chang Kyung-Lyel "Finding Paths in the Labyrinth"
Lee Kwang-Ho "A Myth of Disillusion"
Children's Literature Kang Jeong-Kyu "Great Pine"
Nam Ho-Sop "Pencase in a Time Capsule"