Daesan Creative Writing Funds


Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Writers (Works)
Poetry KIM Sun-Woo「A Life Going Backward」
PARK Hyung-Ju「Spring Night」
LEE Seung-Heui「A Road to Byeogje」
JANG Cheal-Mun「A House with Prunus Sargentii」
Fiction SONG Su-Kyoung「A Landscape with Flower」
LEE Man-Kyo「Run Across Eyes」
CHEON Woon-Young『Needle』
Criticism BANG Min-Ho『A Book of Criticism for Poetry and Poet』
YOU Sung-Ho『Repercussion of Silence』
Children's Literature OO Min-Ai 「Beyond the Sun Rising Place」
AN Young-Hoon「A Goat Grandfather」
HUR Myung-Hee「Ask to the Stars」