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Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Writers (Works)
Poetry Pak Son-Ok "When I am a Puff of Wind"
Chon Dae-Ho "Self-reflection"
Choi Yong-Chol "The Wild is Splendid"
Ham Min-Bok "Flowers Bloom on Every Frontier"
Fiction Kim Sok-Jung "Rolling Back Clouds"
Lee Chun-Ho "The Way They Live"
Im Hyon-Taek "Love of a Magic Bird"
Drama Kim Chong-Suk "Blue Saigon"
Lee Kuk-Min "Stars Rising Over the Sea"
Criticism Kwon Song-U "The Hope of Criticism"
Im Kyu-Chan "Between Coming and Going"
Children's Literature Kim Dong-Kuk "Taedongyojido"
Lee Yun-Hee "I am the Sky"