Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


These grants are intended to encourage the globalization of Korean literature by supportingthe translation and overseas publication of the finest literary works of Korean literature.
Translations into English, French, German, and Spanish are supported, each approved project receiving a translation support grant of 15 million KRW. In 2009, 35 translation projects were submitted, screening in each language conducted by several experienced translators and foreign literary specialists.
As a result twelve projects were selected: five translation projects in English including Nagasaki Papa, four in French including Namhansanseong, two in Spanish including Romantic Love and Society, and the German translation of The Private Life of Plants were chosen. The total prize money amounted to 180 million KRW.
A grant-awarding ceremony was held in the Auditorium of the 10th floor of Kyobo Building on August 27, 2009. In 2009, six books that had received translation grants from the foundation were published abroad including two English books, two French books and two Spanish books.

On one hand, in order to distribute widely exceptional Korean literature to countries around the world and to forge ahead with activities in an effective manner, starting in 2010 the Foundation plans to combine the grants for translation and the Grants for Korean Literature Studies Overseas into the Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works.