Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Title of Work(s)
English Soo-Young LEE / Cremilda T. LEE
Scott Swaner / LEE Young-Jun "Sitting in an Overcast Bar" by HWANG Ji-Woo
KIM Hyun-Joon / PARK Hyun-Jung "Korean" by KO Won-Jung
French WOO Jong-Nyeo "Mt. Chiri" by LEE Sung-Bu
JU Hyoun-Jin / Tiphaine Samoyault "Short Stories of YI Sang"
Simon KIM / Yun-Joo CHOI "A Study of Death" by PARK Sang-Ryung
German LEE Kyung-Boon / Kai Koehler "Short Stories of LEE Sung-U"
KIM Miy-He "Selected Plays of YI Yun Taek"
Young LIE / Katrin Mensing "The Guest" by HWANG Seok-Young
Spanish CHOI Nak-Won / Esther Torres Simon "The Story of Chunhyang"
LEE Seong-Hun / Tobias Burghardt "Faint Shadows of Love" by KIM Kwang-Kyu
Hyesun KO / Francisco Carranza "Short Stories of YI Chong-Jun"
From the 39 applicants, 12 teams composed of one Korean and one native speaker of the target language were selected as grant
recipients. Each project was given 15 million won by the Foundation, totaling 180 million won.

The literary works to be translated into English are "A Grand Retreat" by LEE Gun-Sam, "Sitting in an Overcast Bar" by HWANG Ji-Woo, and "Korean" by KO Won-Jung. Other translations include three in French, such as "Short Stories of YI Sang"; three in German, including
"The Guest" by HWANG Seok-Young; and three in Spanish including "The Story of Chunhyang".

The award ceremony was held at the Kyobo Life Insurance Building on August 22.