Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Setting its sights on the globalization of Korean literature and the enrichment of Korean culture, the Foundation intends to stimulate the translation, research, and publication of our creative works and to distribute these works abroad. After newly unifying the grants into one collective grant called the “Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works,” the Foundation awards grants to all the languages of the world, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese to name a few. The Foundation receives applicants in the following categories: Translation (Publication) grant, Research (Publication) grant, and the Publication grant. Selected works receive between 5 million KRW and 15 million KRW in translation, research, and publication funds according to category. In 2011, 41 projects were submitted, translators and foreign literary specialists conducting the screening process in each language.

As a result, nineteen projects were selected in the Translation (Publication) category: six translation projects in English including Bluebeard’s First Wife, two in French including the Collective Short Stories of Kim Dongri, one in Spanish titled the Sad Gay, two in Japanese including Perspective at Noon, three in Chinese including Oseam, and seven other works in other languages. In the Research (Publication) category, the study project written in English titled “The Rise of Early Modern Korean Fiction (1906-1917): from the Woman inside the Family to the Sentimental Man” and two other works were selected. In the Publication category, two works were selected, one work being I Have the Right to Destroy Myself which will be published in the Urdu language. The total prize money amounted to 260 million KRW. A grant-awarding ceremony was held in the Convention Hall of the Gwanghwamun Kyobo Building on August 25. In 2011, twelve books that had received translation grants from the Foundation were published abroad: two English books including Blue Stallion, French book Va, Ne te Retourne Pas, two German books including Der Dichter, two Spanish books including La otra cara de la vida, and five other books in other languages.