Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Original (Author)
English Choi Yearn-Hong and Martha Vickery A Salmon Memory (by Shin Kyung Suk)
John H. T. Harvey and Lee Chun-Oc A Bird's Gift (by Eun Hee-Kyung)
Koriyama Naoshi and Elizabeth Ogata Black Flower (by Chung Gi-Suk)
French Hyunja Kim-Schmidt and Thierry Gillyboeuf Collection of Hwang Dong-Kyu's Poetry (by Hwang Dong-Kyu)
Lee In-Suk, Kim Kyung-Hee and Maryse Bourdin A Man Whom I Met in Venice (by Seo Jung-In)
Han You-Mee and Herv P jaudier A Happy Event of Maeng Jinsa's Family
German Matthias Augustin and Park Kyung-Hee Hope (by Yang Kwi-Ja)
J rgen Kreft and Kwak Mi-Ran Silver Stallion (by Ahn Jung-Hyo)
Gross Nikolaus and Youn Hyon-Sook The Skate (by Kim Joo-Young)
Spanish Lee Seung-Jae and Francisco Caranza Far Ssong River (by Park Young-Han)
Kim Hye Jung and Miguel Garcia Bermejo Was That Mountain Really There? (by Park Wan-Suh)