Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Original (Author) Publication
English Kim Ah-Jeong & Robert B. Graves Selected Plays by Oh Tae-Suk
Bruce Fulton & Ju-Chan Fulton A Tiny Ball Launched by a Dwarf (by Cho Se-Hi)
Lee Sung-Il Selected Poems by Yu Chi-Hwan
French Ko Kwang-Dan & Jean No l Juttet L'envers de la Vie (by Lee Seung-Woo)
Kwon Soon-Jai & Olivier Ikor Le March et le Champ de Bataille (by Park Kyung-Ni) Editions de Ecriture, France
German Chei Woon-Jung & Rainer Werning Die Trumende Incubator (by Park Wan-Seo) Secolo Verlag, Germany
Lim Jong-Dae & Franz Weninger Die Lieder fr Morgen (by Ko Un)