Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Title of Work(s)
English KIM Hae-Young / Kimberly Hagerich "Uncle Telephone Pole" by CHAE In-Sun
Brother Anthony / CHONG Chong-Wha "The Son of Man" by YI Mun-Yol
Ian Harght / HUR Tae-Young "Poems of Ho Kyun"
French Pascal Grotte "A la recherche du serpent blanc" by NAM Sang-Soon
CHOI Kwon-Hang / Charles Juliet "Poems of KIM Ji-Ha"
German JEUNG Min-Ki / Stefan Straub "Der Duft von Menschen-Kssuni Nunim" by SONG Gi-Won
KIM Sun-Hi / KIM Edeltrud "Fireworks" by OH Jung-Hee
KIM Hi-You) / Kirstin Groenitz "Nagelspuren" by HYUN Gil-Un
Christina Il-Sook Youn-Arnoldi “Das Haus auf dem Weg" by LEE Hye-Gyong
KANG Seung-Hee / OH Dong-Sik / Torsten Zaiak "Die Geschichte des Herrn Han" by HWANG Seok-Young
CHONG He-Yong / Birgit Mersmann “Erste Begegnung" by KIM Kwang-Kyu
Spanish KO Hye-Sun / Francisco Carranza "La Fiesta" by YI Chong-Jun
Established to encourage the globalization of Korean literature and enhance the reputation of Korean culture, grants for the translation of Korean literature are intended to assist the translation and dissemination of Korean literature to the outside world.
From the 39 applicants, 12 teams composed of one Korean and one native speaker of the target language were selected as grant recipients. Each project was given 15 million won by the Foundation, totaling 180 million won.
The literary works to be translated into English are Uncle Telephone Pole by CHAE In-Sun, The Son of Man by YI Mun-Yol and Poems of Ho Kyun. Other translations include two in French, such as Poems of KIM Ji-Ha; Six in German, including Fireworks by OH Jung-Hee; and one in Spanish La Fiesta by YI Chong-Jun.
The award ceremony was held at the Kyobo Life Insurance Building on August 19th.