Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Title of Work(s)
English KIM Joon-Ja / Dona M. Dietz "To Dream of a Mountain" by PARK Wan-Seo
CHUN Kyung-Ja / Maya West "Park Nohae - Yesterday and Today"
Jason Rhodes "I Have the Right to Destroy Myself" by KIM Young-Ha
French KIM Kyung-Hee / LEE In-Sook & Stéphane Coulon "Talgung III" by SEO Jung-In
LIM Yeong-Hee / Francoise Nagel "Le terroriste" by SUNWOO Hui
KIM Jin-Young / Jean-Paul Desgoutte "L'HOMME EN GRIS" by CHOI In-Hoon
German LEE Ki-Hyang / Martin Herbst "Land der Verbannung" by CHO Jung-Rae
Dirk Fuendling / LEE Young-Hee "Ein Löffel auf der Erde" by HYUN Gi-Young
Gwi-Bun Schibel-Yang / Wolfgang Schbel "Das Weiße Kleid" by YI Chong-Jun
Spanish SHIM Sang-Wan / Othón Moreno "Tanta singha que había antres..." by PARK Wan-Seo
KIM Sul-Hee / Ramiro Trost "Cabeza Dumul" by LEE Yun-Gi
YUN Young-Sun / Eduardo Cerecedo "Hwagae" by KIM Ji-Ha
From the 33 applicants, 12 teams composed of one Korean and one native speaker of the target language were selected as grant
recipients. Each project was given 15 million won by the Foundation, totaling 180 million won.
The literary works to be translated into English are "To Dream of a Mountain" by PARK Wan-Seo, "Selected Poems of PARK No-Hae" and
"I have the Right to Destroy Myself" by KIM Young-Ha. Other translations include three in French, such as "Dalgung" by SEO Jung-In;
three in German, including "Land of Exile" by CHO Jung-Rae; and three in Spanish including "A Place Where the Two Rivers Meet" by
LEE Yun-Gi.

The award ceremony was held at the Kyobo Life Insurance Building on August 21.