Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Title of Work(s)
English Yu Young-nan / Stephen J. Epstein Who Ate Up The Singa by Park Wan-seo
Mary Sun Kim / Cho Yeun-hee Legends of Superheroes on Planet Earth by Park Min-gyu
Louis Choi Secrets and Lies by Eun Hee-kyung
Huh Dae-tong / Bruce Meyer Ripples by Kim Myung-in
French Han You-mee / Herve Pejaudier The nature is immortal by Kim Hoon
Kang Ok-kyung / Tabitha Camino / Yi Na-rae People in Wonmi-dong by Yang Giw-ja
Kim Young-sook / Arnaud Le Brusq Secrets and Lies by Eun Hee-kyung
German Choi Sung-chul / Mirja Maletzki Background and Outline by Choi Soo-chul
Friedhelm Berulies / Kim Sun-young The Poet by Yi Mun-yol
Lee Heike / Lee Tae-hoon I'm a ghost writer by Kim Yeon-soo
Cho Kyong-hae / Angelika flugel Your cold hand by Han Kang
Spanish Yoon Sun-me / Lee Kang-guk A way to Soradan by Yoon Heung-kil
These grants are intended to encourage the globalization of Korean literature by supporting the translation and overseas publication of the finest literary works of Korean literature. Translations into English, French, German, and Spanish are supported, each project approved receiving a translation support grant of 15 million Won.

In 2006, 46 translation projects were submitted, screening in each language being undertaken by experienced translators and foreign literary specialists. As a result, 4 translation projects in English, 3 in French, 4 in German and 1 in Spanish, a total of 12 projects were selected; the total representing a sum of 180 million Won. A grant-awarding ceremony was held in the Auditorium of the 10th floor of Kyobo Building on August 24, 2006. In order to encourage the translation of outstanding works of Korean literature, and reduce the difficulties facing potential translators in the selection of works, we publish a list of potential titles; this year, the list was revised to give priority to full-length novels.