Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


Language Translators Original (Author) Publication
English Clare Chung-Bin Yim You & Richard Silberg Selected Poems by Oh Sei-Young
Guihwa Hwang Blanz & Eric R. Blanz Sound of Thunder
(by Kim Chu-Yong)
Kim Seong-Kon Strong Wind at Misiryong (by Hwang Dong-Kyu)
French Roger Leverrier & Yoon Suk-Man Aujourd'hui l' ternit ditions de la Diff rence, France
Han Dae-Kyun & Bertin-Denis Fr d ric Mountain Graves (by Cho Jung-Kwon)
Im Hye-Gyong & Cathy Rapin Problematic Person - Yonsan (by Lee Yun-Taek)
German Nikolaus Gross & Hyun-Sook Youn-Gross Die Tochter des Apothekers Kim (by Park Kyung-Li)
Kim Youn-Ock & Ragni Maria Gschwend A Secluded Room (by Shin Kyong-Suk)
Kim Sun-Hi & Edeltrud Kim My Soul's Well (by Choi In-Sok)
Spanish Kim Hyun-Chang & Lucrecio P rez Blanco Eptome de Sil-la (by So Jong-Ju)
: Universidad Complutense Madrid Press, Spain
Universidad Complutense Madrid Press, Spain
Suh Sung-Chul & Paciencia Ontann Snchez Selected Poems by Ko Un