Daesan Literary Awards


THe 18th(2010)
Winning Works
Genre Winner Works
Poetry Choe Seung-ja Back of Beyond because of Melancholy
Fiction Park Hyeong-seo Nana at Dawn
Drama Choe Jina Chasuk's Home, 1 Dong 28
Criticism Kim Chi-su Wounds and Cures
Translation Choe Ae-young,
Jean Bellemin- Noell
Interdit de folie (Wanting to Go Insane, Yet Unable)
The Daesan Literary Awards adopts as its mission and aim "promoting our culture and contributing to the globalization of Korean literature as a comprehensive literary award, intent on becoming a world-class literary prize representing Korea"; the award is given to an independent volume published within the past year that boasts the highest intrinsic literary quality, a work worthy enough to represent Korean literature. Accordingly, works published or performed between August 2009 and July 2010 were eligible for this year's award, and the initial screening process took place for three months starting in the beginning of June- the winning works were selected according to genre after the final screening process which started in the beginning of September and lasted for over two months. The 2010 award winners exemplified the influence of the most prominent figures in our literary world. Seungja Choe won in the poetry category for Back of Beyond because of Melancholy; Hyeongseo Park won in the fiction category for Nana at Dawn; Jina Choe won in the drama category for Chasuk's Home, 1 Dong 28; Chisu Gim won in the criticism category for Wounds and Cures; and in this year's translation category, Aeyoung Choe and Jean Bellemin-No?l won for Interdit de folie (Wanting to Go Insane, Yet nable). For the first time in three years, winners were selected from all five categories. The winners in each category received a plaque, and the fiction prize winner was awarded 50 million KRW. The winners in the other categories were awarded 30 million KRW. The prize money totaled 170 million KRW; winning works from the poetry, fiction, and drama category will be translated through submissions for the Translation Grants 2011, published into one of the major languages through a publishing company of the targeted language and introduced to readers. The awards ceremony was held at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 26 at the International Conference Hall, Korea Press Center.