Daesan Literary Awards


THe 15th(2007)
Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Winner Works Translation
Poetry NAM Jin-Woo A Lion in 3:00 AM
Fiction KIM Hun Namhansanseong
Drama BAE Sam-Sik A Record of Yeolha
Criticism KIM Yeong-Chan Ghosts in the Theatre of Criticism
Translation KANG Seung-Hee,
OH Dong-Sik, and Torsten Zaiak
Hwang Seok-Yeong's Die Geschichte des Herrn Han
The Daesan Literary Awards are presented to works published during the previous year in the main literary categories of poetry, fiction, drama, criticism, and translation. Embodying the highest literary value, the selected works serve as major examples of Korean literature. The Daesan Literary Awards implemented a second stage development plan in 2007, setting its sights on becoming a comprehensive literary award that would contribute to the development and globalization of Korean literature, carving out its niche as a world class literary award worthy enough to represent Korea. The grant award for the fiction category has been increased to 50 million won, and starting from 2008 sweeping reforms including restricting possible award winners to full-length novels among other changes have been implemented.

Works published between April 2006 and August 2007 were eligible for this year's awards, and award-winning works were selected in each of the five categories after an initial and final screening, which lasted five months from June until October. Works in each category were evaluated and the winning works were A Lion in 3:00 AM by Nam Jin Woo (poetry), Namhansanseong by Kim Hoon (fiction), A Record of Yeolha by Bae Sam-sik (drama), Ghosts in the Theatre of Criticism by Kim Yeong-chan (criticism), Die Geschichte des Herrn Han by Hwang Seok-yeong, translated by Kang Seung-hee, Oh Dong-sik, and Torsten Zaiak (translation). The winners in each category received a plaque, and the fiction prize winner was awarded 50 million won. The winners in the other categories were awarded 30 million won. The total prize money totaled 170 million won; in addition, the award-winning works in poetry, fiction and drama will be included among the works to receive translation support in 2008. They will be published by major foreign publishing companies in a wide variety of languages, increasing the exposure of Korean literature abroad. The awards ceremony was held at 6 pm on Thursday November 29 in the main hall of the Sejong Hall, in the Sejong Cultural Center.