Daesan Literary Awards


THe 9th(2001)
Winning Works

Winning Works
Genre Winner Works
Poetry LEE Song-Bu Mt. Chiri
Fiction HWANG Suk-Young The Guest English / Frenchl / Spanish
Drama LEE Gun-Sam Magnificent Escape
Criticism CHOI Won-Shik The Return of Literature
Translation LEE In-Sook, KIM Kyung-Hee, Maryse Bourdin Talgung (by SU Jung-In)
Recipients of the prize in 2001 were poet LEE Song-Bu for his work Mt. Chiri, novelist HWANG Suk-Young for his recent book The Guest, playwright LEE Gun-Sam for his drama Magnificent Escape, critic CHOI Won-Shik for his critique The Return of Literature, and LEE In-Sook, KIM Kyung-Hee, Maryse Bourdin for their French translation of SU Jung-In's Talgung which was published by Seuil, a prestigious French publisher.

The award-winning works will be translated into various languages and released by reputed publishers. The award ceremony was held on November 23 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.