Daesan Literary Awards


THe 14th(2006)
Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Winner Works
Poetry Kim Sa-in Quietly liking
Fiction Kim In-sook That woman's autobiography
Drama Park Keun-hyeong Kyeong-suk, Kyeong-suk's father
Criticism Choi Dong-ho Poetic incarnation of a clay paradise
Translation Jeong Eun-jin, Jacques Batilliot Hwang Seok-Yeong's Le vieux jardin
The Daesan Literary Awards are given to works published over the course of the previous year in the main literary categories of poetry, fiction, drama, criticism, and translation, works found to possess the highest literary value and worthy to serve as major examples of Korean literature. The aim is "to select and crown works that scrutinize the human heart and society with a distinctive gaze, subtly penetrating and interpreting the literary mind of the age, while possessing apotential universality for all humanity." The works qualified for this year's awards were those published between April 2005 and August 2006; in the course of an initial and a final screening lasting five months in all, from June until October, the works in each genre were evaluated and the award-winning works selected in each of the five categories. The award-winning works were: 『Quietly liking』(Poetry, by Kim Sa-in), 『That woman's autobiography』(Fiction, by Kim In-sook), 「Kyeong-suk, Kyeong-suk's father」(Drama, by Park Keun-hyeong), 『Poetic incarnation of a clay paradise』(Criticism, by Choi Dong-ho), 『Le vieux jardin』(Translation, by Hwang Seok-Yeong, translated by Jeong Eun-jin, Jacques Batilliot). The winners in each category received a plaque and 30 million Won; the total prize money was 150 million Won; in addition, the award-winning works in poetry, fiction and drama will be included among the works to receive translation support in 2007, so that they can be published by major foreign presses and made known abroad in a variety of languages. The awards ceremony was held at 6pm on Friday November 24 in the main hall of the Sejong Hall, in the Sejong Cultural Center.