Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


This program focuses on the works written in the first 100 years of Korea's early modern period and celebrates the writers who pioneered modern Korean literature so ardently while living the upheavals of the Japanese oppression and Liberation. Beginning in 2001, each year it commemorates writers born 100 years before in collaboration with the Association of Writers for National Literature, and in 2006 those writers included Gang Gyeong-ae, Kim O-nam, Eom Heung-seop, Yu Jin-o, Yi Jeong-ho, Yi Ju-hong, Yi Ha-yun, Jo Jong-hyeon, Choi Jeong-hui etc. A symposium was held and other subsidiary events were held that brought together members of the writers' families and the general public. A special symposium devoted to Yi Ju-hong was sponsored, while a collection of studies on Gang Gyeong-ae by scholars from South and North Korea was published for the first time, to commemorate 100th anniversary of the writer's birth. Also, a chronological record and bibliography of studies was established and published with the papers from the symposium.