Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


Literary Symposium Celebrating Centennial Anniversary Writers :
"Light and Blossoms of a Dark Age"

GYE Yong-Muk, PARK Yong-Chul,PARK Hwa-Sung, LEE Yang-Ha, LEE Yuk-Sa, LEE Tae-Jun
Together with the Association of Writers for the National Literature of Korea, the Daesan Foundation co-hosted a 100th Birthday Celebration in honor of six major authors who were born in 1904: Gye Yong-Muk, PARK Yong-chul, PARK Hwa-Sung, LEE Yang-Ha, LEE Yuk-Sa, and LEE Tae-Jun.
The fourth such event in as many consecutive years, 2004's "100th Birthday Celebration" was organized as a literary retrospective that objectively examined the historical context of the Japanese occupation with a particular emphasis on the roles played by the six authors in question and how they contributed to shaping the world of modern Korean literature. This was designed to help provide a new perspective on the present and future of Korean literature.
In addition to a number of other events, a two-day symposium held on April 29th and 30th at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts' Conference Hall explored the dark historical period through which members of the Korean literary community had to struggle. The 'Night of Literature' that followed was attended by members of the literary community, relatives of the authors being honored, and ordinary Korean citizens, who enjoyed book readings, a traditional Korean concert, open forum discussions, and many other activities.