Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


Titled “Literary Symposium Commemorating the Centenary of the Births of Writers,” the annual literary event has been featuring writers who celebrate their 100th anniversary of births .The event not only focuses on the writers who courageously lived through the Korea’s tumultuous modern era but also surveys major literary achievements of the past century.
Cosponsored by the Writers Association of Korea (WAK), this event began in 2001 and marked its 13th anniversary this year. The writers to be featured in the 2013 included Kim Dong-ni, Kim Dong-suk, Kim Hyun-seung, Park Gye-ju, Yang Myeong-moon, Lee Tae-geuk, and Cho Myeong-am. A symposium entitled “Language of Brethren, Conflicts of Ideologies” was held along with an accompanying program, "A Night of Literature" for the writers' family members and the general public. The Foundation also hosted another symposium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lee Tae-geuk’s birth, and published a book containing chronologies of the authors' lives and works, research bibliographies as well as presentation transcripts from the symposium. Additionally, thirty two paintings depicting eight short stories written by novelist Kim Dong-ni were put on display. Korean university students re-interpreted the authors’ works and portrayed them in other forms of art such as dancing and play. Titled “Young Literary Aspirants Spread Their Wings,” the program was well-received by the audience.