Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


This project is responsible for collecting and featuring writers who pioneered Korean literature, struggling fiercely to write during the tumultuous period from the Japanese colonial period to liberation.
This symposium, co-hosted by the Writers Association of Korea (WAK), began in 2001. The year 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the following writers: Kim Yongho, Baek Seok, Seol Jeongsik, Yi Howoo, and Jung Sopa. The symposium entitled "The Jewel of Language, The Alchemists in Darkness" was organized, and as an accompanying event, "A Night of Literature" was held for the writers' family members and the general public. The Foundation also hosted a symposium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Baek Sok’s birthday and published symposium papers along with the other writers’ chronologies and research bibliographies as a book. In particular, thirty art pieces that embody Baek Sok’s literary world were exhibited in the Tongin Auction Gallery in Insadong and the Seonyudo Park in the Han River. The exhibitions were well-received by the general public.