Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


This project organizes the achievements accrued in the last hundred years by Korean modern literature, and it highlights the writers who pioneered our literature through an intense writing spirit while living through tumultuous times in our history, events like the Japanese occupation and liberation.
Starting in 2001, this symposium was hosted in collaboration with the Writers Association of Korea (WAK), and in 2011 these writers included Namcheon Kim, Cheonmyeong No, Yeongjun Park, Sugil Ahn, Seokjung Yun, Wonsu Lee, and Biseok Jeong to name a few. A symposium titled "Separation and Returning Home: a New Territory of Korean Literature" and another subsidiary event titled "A Night of Literature" were held with the writers' families and the general public present. A chronological record, research bibliographies, and papers from the symposium were collected and published as a book of theses. In particular, celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the births of two literary giants in the children's book genre, Wonsu Lee and Seokjung Yun, the National Library for Children and Young Adults, Seonyudo Hangang Park, and Sungsan Arts Hall in Changwon among other places around the country displayed around thirty pieces of art that expressed their luminous careers. It was well-received by the public.