Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


This project organized the achievements accrued in the last hundred years by Korean modern literature and highlights the writers who pioneered our literature with an intense writing spirit while living through tumultuous times in our history, events like the Japanese occupation and liberation.
Starting in 2001, this symposium was hosted in collaboration with the Writers Association of Korea (WAK), and in 2009 these writers included Naeseong Gim, Hwantae Gim, Yunsuk Mo, Tae-won Bak, Seok-cho Shin, Hoe-nam An, Wonjo Lee, and Deok Hyeon to name a few.
A symposium titled “The Adventures of Early Modern Literature in Transition” and another subsidiary event titled “A Night of Literature” were held with the writers' families and the general public present. The program sponsored symposiums for Taewon Bak and Yunsuk Mo respectively, and a chronological record and bibliography of studies were established and published along with the papers from the symposium.
In particular, the Foundation held the “Exhibition of Paintings Celebrating the Work of Taewon ‘Gubo’ Bak to Mark His 100th Anniversary” at the Cheonggye Stream, the setting for Bak’s representative work, Landscape along the Riverside; the event was well received by the media as well as citizens.