Book Lovers Campaign


Organized in conjunction with the Kyobo Book Centre, this reading movement is designed to encourage Korea’s ten million active book-readers and to enhance the cultural level of the population as a whole. In 2011, top Korean writers like Ko Un, Sok-yong Hwang, Kyung-sook Shin, and Dalja Shin among others attended the event, “Relating to Each Other through Readings.” Readers met with the authors and walked away from the event with a meaningful experience. Furthermore, the Foundation conducted a “Snow Country Literary Journey” where readers visited important locations from Nobel Prize winner Yasnari Kawabata’s novel Snow Country. The event was well received by readers. The Foundation also hosted the “Exhibition of Paintings Celebrating the Works of Wonsu Lee and Seokjung Yun to Mark the 100th Anniversaries of Their Births- Boy Missing Spring in His Hometown” at the Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun. It exposed everyday citizens to new cultural experiences where literature and art coalesce. The major programs included “The Author and Reader Relating to Each Other through Readings” (held on five occasions), “Humanities on the Road,” “Cultural Journeys” (conducted two Snow Country Literary Journeys), a “National Reading Debate Competition," a "Literary Art Exhibition,” and classes held for citizens.