Book Lovers Campaign


Organized in conjunction with the Kyobo Book Centre, this reading movement is designed to encourage Korea’s ten million active book-readers and to enhance the cultural level of the population as a whole. In 2009, the Foundation expanded the number of domestic literary journeys and prepared more opportunities for readers and authors to communicate. Furthermore, the Foundation hosted the “Exhibition of Paintings Celebrating the Work of Taewon ‘Gubo’ Bak to Mark His 100th Anniversary” at the Cheonggyecheon Plaza, providing everyday citizens with the opportunity to be exposed to new cultural experiences where literature and art coalesce.
The Foundation also opened the Kyobo Online Literary Art Gallery ( where the paintings displayed at the exhibition could be appreciated at any time— the online gallery was well received.
The major programs include "Empathy for Readings" (held on seven occasions), "Cultural Journeys" (held on five occasions including one foreign literary journey), the "National Reading Debate Competition" and "Literary Art Exhibition" (each held once).