Book Lovers Campaign


Book Lovers Campaign, organized in conjunction with the Kyobo Book Center, is designed to encourage Korea’s 10 million readers to read more and to enhance the cultural level of the population as a whole. In 2012, there were many events, such as a meeting with Director Lee Junghyang, a Baek Sok poetry reciting concert, and a Bernard Werber reading to share ideas. This campaign has expanded further, providing the general public with a forum to meet with movie directors and singers. Furthermore, the Foundation organized “Snow Country Literary Journey,” where readers visited important locations from the Nobel Literature Prize winner Kawabata Yasunari’s novel Snow Country. In addition, the Foundation organized an event entitled “French Literature Travel,” where participants were able to visit the places and settings of Victor Hugo’s and Balzac’s stories. These two events were extremely well received.
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet Baek Sok, ten artists participated in the “Exhibition of Paintings Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Baek Sok?Because this poor me loves Natasha.” The artists exhibited their paintings at the Tongin Auction Gallery in Insadong and at Seonyudo Park in the Han River, providing a venue for communicating between art and literature and a new experience for the general public. The main programs included “Reading and Sharing between Writers and Readers” (three times), “Humanities on the Road,” “Literature Travel” (Snow Country Literary Journey and French Literature Travel), “National Reading Debate Competition,” “Literary Art Exhibition,” and “Classes for the General Public.”