Book Lovers Campaign


The 11th Nationwide Literary Appreciation Contest for Primary School Students
As part of the Kyobo Book Center's current "Book Lovers Campaign", the Daesan Foundation co-organized the Nationwide Literary Appreciation Contest for Primary School Students. About 3,000 applications were arrived and 85 students were selected as winners of the contest, the Grand Prize going to HAM Hyun-Ji.
The award ceremony was held at the Event Hall of the Kyobo Book Center Building on December 28th. The Grand Prize winner received cultural gift certificates equivalent to one million won, Most Excellent Prize winners five hundred thousand won, Excellent Prize winners two hundred thousand won, and Encouragement Prize winners thirty thousand won.
The 'Strength of the Heart 2004' Campaign
2004's 'Strength of the Heart' campaign was jointly sponsored by the Daesan Foundation, Kyobo Life, and Kyobo Book Center. The aim of the campaign was to help those in need, particularly those feeling the effects of the economic recession and other major social issues. Participants simply sent in personal accounts of how a book had helped them through a difficult time. Selected accounts were then published and the books mentioned were compiled into a list of works that helped 'strengthen the heart.' 1% of all sales for books on this list went to the participants whose stories made the final cut. The end of the campaign was marked by a nation-wide lecture tour.