Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers


The Daesan Literary Awards for Young Adults seeks to contribute to a well-rounded education and the emotional well being of teenagers as well as discover and nurture young literary talents, the future leaders in the Korean literary world. The Foundation accepts submissions from across the country in two categories of poetry (including sijo, or traditional Korean poetry) and fiction. The eligible applicants are middle and high school students and teenagers in that age bracket. The first round winners are invited to a writing camp, where they spend valuable time in the company of established writers. The final winners are chosen after another contest held in the camp. Prize winning works are published in a widely distributed anthology, and the Foundation supports their meetings as well as publication of their collected works to encourage them continuously develop their talents and build friendship. In 2013, there were a total of 1,353 submissions. A committee comprised of seven prominent writers was entrusted with evaluating their work and selected 80 first round winners to attend the writing camp. At the camp, a literary competition was organized, and 32 final winners were chosen. The award winning works were published titled First Penguin.