Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers


Winning Works
Category Genre Contents
Long-term scholarship Poetry KIM You-Kyung
LIM Jae-Yong
Fiction LEE Ju-Young
PARK Seo-Ryun
Scholarships 38for Poetry & Fiction
Literary Camp August 1 - 3, 2007 at Kyobo Life Iusurance Human Development Center
Publication Minumsa Publishing Co.,Ltd.
The Daesan Literaty Awards for Young Writers seeks to refine and nurture young writers and to aid in their overall educational development; the award aims to discover and train literary talents who will play a leading role in the future of Korean literature. Works of poetry and fiction by students from middle and high schools across Korea are screened and those producing the finest work are invited to a writing camp attended by a number of writers.
Among those invited, a winning work is selected. Prize-winning works are published in a widely-distributed anthology. Award-winners benefit from the grants, maintaining an ongoing association and fellowship designed to help them nurture and foster their literary skills. In 2007, 1,554 people submitted their works. The evaluation of the submitted works and the organization of the camp was entrusted to a committee composed of six prominent writers, and a total of 60 candidates were selected. A literary competition was organized during the camp, and as a result 38 award winners were chosen. The award-winning works were published in a collection named the "Shrimp Tail and Silver Chimaera."