Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers


The Daesan Literary Award for Young Writers aims to enhance the emotional well being of young people by contributing to the formation of a well-rounded education, serving as a literary scholarship to uncover and train literary talents that will play a leading role in the future of Korean literature. The Foundation accepts submissions from across the country in the categories of poetry (sijo, traditional Korean poetry) and fiction from middle and high school students as well as young people in the applicable ages. The selected applicants attend a writing camp organized by the Foundation, where prominent writers are invited to spend time with them, and the winners are announced. Prize winning works are published in a widely distributed anthology, and award winners benefit from grants that support the meeting of writers as well as publishing in a literary magazine, all in an effort to nurture and foster literary skills and friendship. In 2012, a total of 1,401 people submitted their work. A committee comprised of seven prominent writers was entrusted with evaluating their work and selected 80 candidates to attend the writing camp. A literary competition was organized at the camp, and 40 award winners were chosen. The award winning works were published in a collected entitled The Super Moon Will Rise Tonight.