Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers


Winning Works
Category Genre Contents
Long-term scholarship Poetry JUNG Sang-Hyuk
Fiction PARK Bo-Kyung
Scholarships 34 for Poetry & Fiction
Literary Camp August 2 - 4, 2004 at Kyobo Life Iusurance Human Development Center
Publication "The Life of a Repairman" Minumsa Publishing Co.,Ltd.
From the 1,135 students who applied, the Foundation selected 34 winners and granted a total of 80 million won to them. High school students JUNG Sang-Hyuk in the poetry section and PARK Bo-Kyung in the fiction section were awarded the Grand Prize and received a scholarship for two years of university. The Foundation also selected four students for the Gold Prize, nine for the Silver Prize, and seventeen for the Bronze Prize. These students received scholarships of five hundred thousand won to one million won each.
A Literary Camp was held at Kyobo Life Insurance Company's Human Resources Development Institution from August 2nd to 4th. During the Camp, students and noted writers attended various cultural programs such as a literary lecture, an athletics meeting, movie screenings, etc.
The award-winning works in each category were published by Minumsa publishing company in a collection entitled The Life of a Repairman.