Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers


The Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers seeks to refine and nurture young writers and to aid in their overall educational development; the award aims to discover and train literary talents who will play a leading role in the future of Korean literature. Works of poetry (traditional Korean poetry) and fiction written by middle and high school-aged students across Korea are screened, and the students producing the finest works are invited to a writing camp attended by a number of writers.

A winning work is selected among the invited students. Prize-winning works are published in a widely-distributed anthology while award-winners benefit from grants to support the meeting of young writers and the publishing of a literary magazine in order to nurture and foster literary skills and friendly relations. In 2009, 1,625 people submitted their works.

A committee composed of six prominent writers was entrusted with evaluating the submitted works and the organization of the camp, and a total of 80 candidates were selected. A literary competition was organized during the camp, and 38 award winners were chosen. The award-winning works were published in a collection titled My Mother’s Doctor, Mr. Cheolsu An.