The Literary Magazine Daesan Culture


The magazine Daesan Culture is published quarterly to provide information on a wide variety of literary topics and to inform the public of the Foundation’s projects and activities. The magazine offers timely feature articles and various serials written by prominent authors. It also provides literary contents such as quality poems, novels, and children’s stories that appeal to sophisticated readers. Another section informs readers on the Foundation’s major activities.
This year’s special features were as follows: "Foreign Theorists in the Korean Literature—Infiltration, Acceptance, and Thereafter"; "Those Who Copy, Those Who Quote, and Those Who Twist"; "60 Years of Armistice: Politics of Defection in Two Koreas"; and "Reread Foreign Novels that Defined an Era." The "My Father" section is a series of interviews with the children of writers who were born exactly a century ago. The year of 2013 was the 100th birthdays of poets Kim Hyun-seung, Yang Myong-moon, and novelist Park Gye-ju. The "Daesan Reserved Seating" section features talks with seasoned writers from various genres. This year’s guests were poet Moon Chung-hee, critic Choi Dong-ho, dramatist/producer Lee Yun-taek, and novelist Ahn Jung-hyo. In addition, two prominent literary figures shared their stories with readers through "Interview with Yoko Tawada," and "Antoine Compagnon talks with the Foundation’s President."