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Literary Symposium Celebrating Centennial Anniversary Writers
This business organizes the achievements accrued in the last hundred years by Korean modern literature, and in celebration of the hundred-year birthday of authors that have contributed bountifully to modern Korean literature, the business recollects and highlights these authors, as well as placing their achievements in history.
Starting in 2001 and continuing each year, writers born a hundred years prior have been commemorated in collaboration with the Association of Writers for National Literature, and in 2008 those writers included Kim Girim, Kim Jeonghan, Kim Youjeong, Paik Cheol, Yu Chihwan, Lee Muyeong, Yim Hwa, Shin Namcheol, and Choi Jaeseo to name a few. A symposium titled "The Inside and Out of the Modern Ages" and another subsidiary event titled "A Night of Literature" were held. The symposiums brought together members of the writers' families and the general public.
The program sponsored a symposium for each author, and a chronological record and bibliography of studies were established and published along with the papers from the symposium.