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Young Writers Forum opening 2,000's
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Date September 17 -18
Venue Main Conference Hall, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul
Topics What's the 21st Century Writer / New Possibility of National Literature / Connection of Literature with Pop Culture / Female and Feminism / The Road of Socialhistorical Imagination / Environment and Body / Existence Form of Individual / The Future of the Literary Language - Letters and Bit
Publication "What's the 21st Century Literature" Minumsa Publishing Co., Ltd.
Lee Kang-Baek Theatre Sponsored by Kyobo Life Insurance
- Organized in collaboration with Seoul Arts Center
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Date April 16 - June 14
Venue Chayu Theater and Towol Theater, Seoul Arts Center
Associated Events Symposium 'Four Sights About Lee Kang-Baek' May 12, at Conference Hall, Seoul Arts Center
Publication "From Five To Feeling" Seoul Arts Center
Grants for Publishing Valuable Books
- Organized in collaboration with Kyobo Book Centre
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Subjects Literature / Civilization / Art / Science / Culture / Speciality
Publication 34 titled books by 33 publishing companies
Distribution 30 Korean Research Centers of Foreign Universities, Organizations 93 Domestic Public Libraries, 107 Domestic University Libraries