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Symposium '100 Years of Contemporay Korean Literature'
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Date / Venue September 16 - 17 / Convention Center, Sejong Cultural Art Center
Topisc Formation of Modern Literature & Ideology / Achievement of Historical Novel / National Language & National Literature / Poetry, Nature, & Culture / Contemporary Literature & Political Ideology / Korean Literature & People / Realism & Modernism / Evaluation of Works & History of Literature
Publication "100 Years of Contemporay Korean Literature" Minumsa Publishing Co.,Ltd.
SIN Dong-Yeop Literary Festival동엽 문학제
- co-orgarnized with the Association of Writers for National Literature
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Symposum March 26 / Conference Hall, Sejong Cultural Art Center
Evenign of Literature April 3 / Buyeo Students' Center
Literary Visiting April 4 / Monument > The House Where He Was Born > Tomb > Background of Works
Publication "Nation Poet Sin Dong-Yeop" Somyoung Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Goethe Drama Festival 연극제
- co-organized with the Seoul Arts Center
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Date March 26 - April 11
Venue Towol Theatre of the Seoul Arts Center
Drama Paust / Ipigenie / Stella
Associated Events Symposum / Movei Festival / Poetry Event / Display of Books & Stamp
UK-Korea Literature Forum - Organized in collaboration with the British Council
* If you click the above writer's name, you can read the thesis of this forum.
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Date October 13(Wed) - 14(Thu)
Venue Main Conference Room, Kyobo Bldg., Seoul
Subject Women in Literature
Participants English writer - Michele Roberts(Poet/Novelist) / Paul Bailey(Novelist) / Louisa Young(Novelist)
Korean writer - OH Chong-Hee(Novelist) / KIM Seung-Hee(Poet, Prof. of Sogang Univ.) / CHOI Hye-Shil(Critic, Prof. of KAIST)
Panel - SUH Sook(Prof. of Ehwa Womans Univ.) / SONG Seung-Cheol"(Prof. of Hallym Univ.)
Moderator - Alastair Niven(Novelist, Director of Literature, British Council) / RYU Myung-Sook(Prof. of Seoul Nat'l Univ.)