Other Projects


Korean Literature in Translation Fair
The Daesan Foundation held the 'Korean Literature in Translation Book Fair' to raise awareness of Korean Literature and support the cause of promoting Korea's national image and cultural profile during the 2002 World Cup finals. In the exhibition 216 titles of Korean contemporary and classic novels, poems and essays that have been translated into 20 different languages were displayed. The book fair, co-organized by the Korea Literature Translation Institute and Kyobo Book Center, was held at the Kyobo Book Center from May 27th to June 15th.
On display were 46 German titles and 38 titles in English, including Park Wan-Suh's novel "A Sketch of the Fading Sun" and Chae Man-Shik's "Peace Under Heaven".
With 58 titles, French translations constitute the largest part of the fair: the book of poems "Les racines d'amour" by Hwang Tong-Gyu, the classic love story "Le Chant de la Fidele Chunhyang", and Lee Seung-U's novel "L'Envers de la Vie" were among the French titles on display.
The book fair also featured translations in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Turkish.
Special Projects Commemorating the 10th Anmiversary
The 10th Anniversary Exhibition
In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, the Daesan Foundation held 'The 10th Anniversary Exhibition' in the lobby of the Kyobo Building on December 2nd ∼ 6th.
In the exhibition, 252 titles of book which have been published or awarded by the Foundation, photos of the Foundation's activities, articles and press releases of the Foundation, congratulatory messages from major writers, and various advertisement materials were displayed.

10-Year History Book and Video
The Foundation is putting together the 10-Year History Book of the Daesan Foundation . The book contains a record of the activities and various projects, including the list of grant recipients, screening committee, publications and photos. The book also features essays on each project written by famous domestic and foreign writers. The book will be published in early 2003.
Also, a video containing the 10 years of history and future plans of the Foundation was made. In it, the Foundation announced its new vision to be "The Most Trustworthy Literature Foundation in the World". This 10-minute video was shown at the Ceremony for the Daesan Literary Awards and the 10th Anniversary Ceremony on November 29th.