Other Projects


Literary Awards for Overseas Koreans
Together with the Overseas Koreans Foundation, the Daesan Foundation co-hosted the 7thLiterary Awards for Overseas Koreans. These are intended to encourage overseas Koreans to be active in creating their own literature. Also the awards aim at giving them a motive to learn and use the Korean language overseas.
The winner received 5 million won and the runner-up received 2 million won. The winners attended a literary tour with the judges from October 23rd to 25th on Jeju Island. The awards ceremony was held on October 20th at Seoul Educational Cultural Theater and the works were published in Window on Overseas Korean Literature.
Date Session Speaker Moderator
Sep. 3 Keynote Speech : The need for establishing Korean Cultural Network KIM Mun-Hwan
Keynote Speech : Diaspora and Identity in Literature KIM U-Chang
LEE Hoi-Sung
Hanminjok Community and Emigration Literature CHOI Won-Shik
Anatoly KIM
Moses G. MYUNG
KIM Chi-Soo
The Status of Overseas Koreans Literature KIM Ki-Chung
PARK Sun-Suk
AHN Woo-Shik
Astrid Trotzig
KWON Taek-Young
Sep. 4 Literature in Multi-cultural World AHN Jung-Hyo
KIM Seong-Kon
Elaine KIM
LIM Hun-Young
My Life, My Literature KO Un
Hyun Wol
LEE Soon-Won
Exchange of Korean Literature and Network KWON Young-Min
LIM Chang-Hyun
KIM Hak-Chun
10-Year History Book of the Daesan Foundation
The Foundation published the 10-Year History Book of the Daesan Foundation. The book contains a record of the activities and various projects of the Daesan Foundation for the last 10 years, including a list of grant recipients, screening committees, publications and photos. The book also features essays on each project written by famous domestic and foreign writers such as Le Clezio and Margaret Drabble.