International Literary Exchanges


The Foundation's International Literary Exchange projects for 2012 are as follows:
Daesan-U.C. Berkeley Writer in Residence Program
The Foundation and U.C. Berkeley Writer in Residence Program was created to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the United States and to provide opportunities for new talented writers to experience and explore their creativity. This year the seventh writer was chosen after extending their agreement. The Foundation received applications for two months, starting in October, from literary talents who were below 50 years of age in the field of poetry, fiction, and drama. The selection committee was comprised of three members: Professor Chang Kyongnyol at Seoul National University, Professor Ko Hyongjin at Korea University, and Kwak Hyohwan, Director of Daesan Foundation. They chose the writer Kim Insook after the screening process, taking into consideration her contribution in her field, her English language ability, and her detailed plans during her residency program.
French Poetry Journal Poesie published a special issue on Korean poetry
To celebrate the publication of Korean poetry in the French journal Poesie, a series of poetry readings began, co-hosted by the Foundation and Poesie, and the first was held in one of the most renowned venues, the Chateau de Chambord, on June 2. After this event, the readings were held again: on June 4, at the Latin American Culture Center in Paris; on June 5, at the Korean Culture Center in Paris; and on June 9, at Geneva University in Switzerland. For this poetry reading event, poets such as Hwang Jiwoo, Kim Hyesoon, and Kwak Hyohwan, who were introduced in Poesie, were invited, together with a critic, Jung Kwanri, and a translator, Ju Hyunjin. It was an honor to be invited to hold a Korean poetry reading at the Chateau de Chambord because only the prominent and prestigious writers in France are invited there. This event was meaningful in examining the status and future of Korean literature in France. For this poetry reading event, the editors of Poesie and the most respected living poets in France, Michel Deguy and Claude Mouchard, participated. The event, “Today’s Korean Poetry,” will help introduce Korean literature all over Europe, commencing with the poetry readings in France and Switzerland.

Sponsorship of the 7th Sejong Composition (Essay Category) Competition
This competition is for those in elementary, middle, and high school, who are Korean Americans/Canadians residing in North America. Their task is to write an essay after reading Korean literature in English translation. This competition is organized to provide opportunities for Korean Americans/Canadians to learn about Korean culture through literature and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage. The Foundation funded 15 million KRW for the 7th year competition.

Sponsorship of the 78th International PEN Korean Conference The Foundation funded the 78th International PEN Korean Conference which was held from September 9 to 15, hosted by the International PEN Korean Centre and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Kyongju City in North Kyongsang Province. The theme of this year’s conference was “Literature, Media, and Human Rights,” where Nobel Literature laureates such as J. M. G. Le Clezio and Wole Soyinka participated together with 300 international writers and 300 Korean writers. For this conference, the Foundation funded 12 million KRW.