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The Korean Writers' Reading Series in America
The Daesan Foundation sponsored The Korean Writers' Reading Series at five western state universities in the U.S. - The University of Hawaii, Arizona State University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California. The novelist HWANG Seok-Young, the poets KANG Un-Kyo and KIM Seung-Hee, the critic KIM Seong-Kon took part in the reading, which was held from September 29th to November 12th.

The Korean writers read their works and talked with the audience afterward.
The novelist HWANG read his short stories "Neighbors" and "The Uninvited Minstrel". KANG Un-Kyo recited several poems from her book including "If we were turn into water" and "Rotation of the earth 1". KIM Seung-Hee also read from her book; "Peace diary 2", "Life within an egg 5" were among them. The critic KIM Seong-Kon discussed in detail the writers and their works, shedding lights into the literary imagination of each writer.

The noteworthy achievement of the series was that it created a valuable opportunity to promote Korean literature to the western academic community. The foundation is committed to developing this series and kindling further interest about Korean literature in English speaking world.